Apilus Center in Hawaii

Elliemay’s Electrolysis is an Apilus Center in Hawaii. As an Apilus Center, our treatment stands apart from other hair removal providers in the area. Using Apilus xCell technology developed by Dectro International, we offer professionalism with the goal of providing our customers with the best available 100-percent permanent hair removal. Elliemay has received in-depth training on her specific Apilus electrolysis machine. For that reason alone, you can rest with complete confidence when you receive treatment, understanding you are in the hands of a qualified professional using revolutionary technology. You can also rest easy knowing we follow all disposable probes and sterilization rules.

An Apilus electrologist believes in top-notch quality and safety—both of which are essential aspects of our method. We also place your satisfaction and well-being first. You can feel confident about your treatment at Elliemay’s from the moment you receive your initial consultation through the last procedure in your treatment.

Our Technology

There are thousands of Apilus Centers throughout the world and we are proud to be a premier center in Hawaii. With proven effectiveness, Apilus promises the most advanced technology in the field of permanent hair removal. Apilus systems offer comfort and effectiveness, garnering 100% permanent results.

Unlike laser technology, Apilus technology can handle all skin types and colors when extracting hair and destroying hair growth cells. Using this highly sophisticated equipment, we can treat ultra delicate areas such as the breasts and areas near the eyes safely and securely. Thanks to its stability and power of circuitry, Apilus enables the electrologist to pinpoint the unwanted hairs with accuracy and control, giving you the outcome you desire.

Permanent Hair Removal

For more than 130 years, electrolysis has received recognition by government regulatory agencies as the only 100-percent permanent hair removal method. Through the process of sliding a fine probe into the hair follicle and adjusting the current to the specific type of hair and area, this technique permanently destroys germinative cells responsible for hair growth. The Apilus designers engineered a computer assisted process to control and concentrate the precise extent of hair follicle destruction, protecting the skin and preventing new hair growth by focusing specifically on the germinative cells.