Permanent Hair Removal Solutions

At Elliemay’s Electrolysis in Honolulu, we provide permanent hair removal solutions for a variety of individuals and conditions, including:

For Transgender Individuals

If you’re undergoing treatment to reduce hair growth, we understand the transgender transformation requires removal of any existing, unwanted hair. Elliemay’s has a proud history of working with transgender individuals, helping them to achieve the beauty they desire. We can do this for you, safely and with great sensitivity.

For Men

man_facial_hairIf you’re self-conscious about excessive body hair on your back, buttocks and chest, Elliemay’s can alleviate the situation through our safe and effective electrolysis procedure. We understand that staying well-groomed can also contribute to your professional success and help you to feel confident in your interpersonal dealings.

For Sensitive Areas

sensitive_areasIf you have hair on your breasts and nipples, Elliemay’s can remove this hair safely and painlessly. Even if your hair in these areas has grown coarser with tweezing and shaving, our electrolysis treatment can offer permanent hair removal. When you meet with us, we’ll provide a treatment schedule recommending the number of appointments you need to complete for effective removal. For the results you want, be sure to follow this treatment plan.

For Hormonal Changes

hormonal_changesUnwanted hair from biological changes are common. If your body has recently started growing hair in specific areas, this can be due to a number of factors including health conditions such as thyroid problems or diabetes and menstrual or ovarian issues. Elliemay’s can help you experience freedom from any insecurities that come along with this unexpected and unwelcome hair growth—whether the hair is on your chin, the pubic area or any other visible or sensitive areas.

For Athletes

island_dancersAre you a swimmer, wrestler or runner who wants to permanently remove body hair for better performance? Do you compete in triathlons or cycling races? If so, permanent hair removal can provide the solution you need to give you the winning edge in your sport. For athletes, Elliemay’s offers electrolysis to permanently and safely remove hair from legs, arms, underarms and the pubic area. Permanent hair removal can also reduce chafing and rashing.

For Darker Skin

darker_skinContrary to what many believe, electrolysis is an effective hair removal solution for those who have darker skin. Before starting treatment, Elliemay’s will identify the opening where the hair emerges from the skin with the intent of destroying hair follicles. After treatment, you may see darker spots where the hair was removed. This is temporary and these spots will fade as your skin recovers.

For Teens

young_girlsAt Elliemay’s, we understand that our adolescent years are sensitive ones. We are just learning to enjoy romance with a special person—possibly attending prom and other notable occasions. We want to look and feel our best during this important time. At the same time, we may start to notice body or facial hair growing in areas that make us feel self-conscious or we may develop excessive hair. Let Elliemay’s help to make your teen years great ones.